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Glass Machinery Solutions

From glass cutting to glass coating, the entire glass production process needs specialized equipment to cooperate between operations in order to produce high quality products. MUYANG provides four glass machinery solutions according to different product types and production operation sizes. If you have any other ideas after reading our solutions, you are welcome to contact us.

This solution includes most of the equipment that we produce used in the manufacturing of insulated glass. It can satisfy all of our customer requirements for these types of operations.

This high productive solution is made for customers according to our years of experience. The process requires 5-15 operators to finish the production of high quality insulating glass products. If you have additional needs regarding high productive glass solutions, contact us and we can provide you with specialized options to meet your requirements.

This economical solution is made for manufacturers specializing in the production of insulating glass. Compared to the general solution, this method adds the LG-II full automatic molecular sieve filling machine, WGT06-CNC-02 full automatic horizontal dual components coating system, and ZW-II automatic aluminum frame bending machine.

This general glass production solution is made for manufacturers who produce insulating glass products. Our selection of equipment in this case is specially designed to handle the whole production process of insulating glass. If you have other needs, contact us and we can work with you to find the best solution according to your production scenario.