Shandong Muyang Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Insulating Glass Production Lines Manufacturer

MUYANG is a highly experienced and trusted manufacturer of machinery used for glass production. We produce fully automatic insulated glass production lines, automatic glazing lines, and a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as aluminum frame bending machines, molecular sieve filling machines, and butyl rubber extruder machines. With more than 200 outstanding employees, including 20 technical staff members, we provide customers with a wide range of glass production solutions from general insulated glass production lines to high productive solutions for large-scale manufacturers. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent line of glass production equipment. Read More

Max processing size: 2.0m×2.5m/2.5m×3.3m
Operator: 8-15
Site: at least 500m2
Length of site: at least 50m

Operator: 5-15
Site: at least 400m2
Length of site: at least 32m

Operator: 5-10
Site: at least 200m2
Length of site: at least 20m

Operator: 4-6
Site:at least 100m2
Length of site: at least 17m